RAW Black Rolling Papers 1 1/4 (6 Packs), Pre Rolled Tips (3 Packs), Roller, Hemp Wick, Magnifier Card with RPD Grinder, Leaf Lock Gear Airtight Carrying Case and Smell Proof Pouch - Bundle - 15 Items

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Brand: RAW, Leaf Lock GearFeatures: CARRYING CASE - The Air Tight Carrying Case is waterproof and ensures your items stay dry inside. The lid makes for a great Rolling Tray to help roll your smokes....


Brand: RAW, Leaf Lock Gear


  • CARRYING CASE - The Air Tight Carrying Case is waterproof and ensures your items stay dry inside. The lid makes for a great Rolling Tray to help roll your smokes. Because the case is air tight it means not only is it smell proof but it will also float if it should happen to find its way in a large mass of water
  • ROLLING PAPERS - RAW Rolling Papers are known the world over for their dedication to quality. The RAW Black Rolling Papers are RAWs thinnest paper yet. You want these papers
  • ACCESSORIES - Included is the RAW 79mm Cigarette Maker to ease rolling. RAW Pre Rolled Tips help relieve tobacco from entering your mouth. RAW Magnifying Card helps you see the quality of material you're rolling while making a great Scoop Card. Can also be used as a backup Lighter on a sunny day. RAW Hemp Wicks are a great for keeping butane out of your smoke and out of your lungs.
  • MORE ACCESSORIES - The Rolling Paper Depot 4 Piece Grinder may be small at only 42mm in diameter, but you will find it does its job wonderfully. The Leaf Lock Gear smell proof pouch has reinforced seams and a tight locking zipper top making it truly smell proof
  • COMPACT - At 6.5 x 4.5 inches, this smokers kit is ideal to keep around the house, in a backpack, in a purse, or on a boat. The airtight waterproof body of the case makes it perfect to go where ever you want while protecting your precious goods

Publisher: RAW, Leaf Lock Gear


Leaf Lock Gear Travel Case
Airtight, Waterproof clamshell style plastic case. The top part of the case also doubles as a great rolling tray.

RAW Black 1 1/4
RAW Black rolling papers are double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper ever made. 50 papers in each pack.

RAW Pre-Rolled Tips
These tips are already pre-rolled which means they are a time saver! Just put into the rolling paper or cigarette rolling machine! 21 Tips per pack.

RAW Hemp Plastic Rollers - 79mm
These rollers are perfect for rolling out smokes whose length are 79mm or less. They are also made from Eco Friendly Hemp Plastic

Rolling Paper Depot Grinder
Made of heavy duty aluminium this 4 piece grinder is not only compact but also lightweight. The super sharp teeth offer smooth grinding while the extra fine mesh screen sifts out pollen like a champ.

RAW Magnifier Card
Use is all your magnifying needs. Works as a great scoop but also can also be used as an emergency cigarette lighter or fire starter (Sunlight needed).

RAW Hemp Wick - 10 Feet
This product is made from hemp and natural beeswax. You can use this hemp wick by lighting it first then lighting your smokes to avoid inhaling butane.

Leaf Lock Gear Spill Proof Pouch
Odor-Tight and Water Tight, With a tight locking zipper top and reinforced seams around the edges. these are the only bags you'll want to use to keep things spill-proof and smell-proof.

UPC: 612590536755

EAN: 0612590536755

Package Dimensions: 6.8 x 4.2 x 2.2 inches

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